The Myths No One Is Talking About with Cobot Welding – Until Now

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on May 5, 2022

“A cobot welder is the answer to our production needs!” 

Not so fast, our welding experts at OTC DAIHEN will tell you.

While collaborative robots have been a game-changing technology for various industries and applications, cobot welding introduces unique challenges that must be considered before you purchase.

A cobot welder, which combines a collaborative robot with a welder power source and a torch, is often thought of as an easy, less expensive way to automate welding than a production welding system.

However, many are not speaking out about the safety and production issues that are occurring with cobot welding - until now. In this article, we uncover the myths and speak the truth about cobot welding.

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New OTC DAIHEN Compact Robotic Welding Cell Saves Manufacturing Floor Space

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on April 29, 2022

Robotic welding cells are proven to provide accuracy, reliability, versatility and speed for many industrial applications spanning diverse industries.

However, for some fab shop owners and manufacturers practicing lean principles concerns arise around floor space. How much valuable manufacturing space will a robotic welding cell consume? Is this welding cell the most efficient use of that floor space?

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How to Automate Welding Processes

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on April 6, 2022

In nearly every manufacturing industry, we're seeing more and more welding automation as demands increase for faster throughput and higher quality while these companies struggle to find skilled welders.

Automation in welding has grown from something only seen in large, high-volume factories to a standard you now find in almost every factory and fab shop, no matter the size. You will see a smorgasbord of robotic welding solutions, from integrated welding robots to pre-engineered robotic welding cells.

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Weld Aluminum Faster and Easier with Large Diameter Wire

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on March 21, 2022

As productivity demands continue to rise, it’s time to get rid of the old mindset that you can’t MIG weld aluminum with 1/16” wire. Yes, you can! And, it can be done in a way that is smooth for welders and increases weld quality and productivity. 

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How To Select The Right Welding Process

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on February 7, 2022

There are many methods to achieve metal fusion via welding, and choosing the right welding process is crucial to a production line. To help determine the best type of welding process to get the highest quality weld, take into consideration the following factors for the most common manual and robotic welding processes.

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Robotics in Manufacturing: The Future of Cutting, Bending and Welding

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on January 27, 2022

The looming skilled labor challenges have led manufacturers in nearly every industry to integrate more robotic automation than ever before.

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OTC DAIHEN Releases New Cutting-Edge Robotic and Manual Welding Solutions

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on September 21, 2021

As a global leader in innovative welding and robotics solutions, we understand the challenges manufacturers face today. And we have the solutions.

OTC DAIHEN this year has released some of the hottest innovations and technologies in robotic welders, power sources, teach pendants, cobot welders, manual welders and more.

Let’s get your production out the door faster! Check out our newest product releases:

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Robotic Welding Buyer’s Guide: Comparison & Price Chart

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on August 17, 2021

Updated with OTC DAIHEN 2022 new system releases.

With a smorgasbord of robotic welder suppliers and a variety of solutions from DIY to fully integrated production lines, the process of finding the ideal robotic welding system for your needs now and into the future can be very, very daunting.

However, the process can be eased when you understand the advantages and differences in models, features and costs. There is a robotic welding solution to fit every size and budget!

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Speed Up Cycle Times with a Parts Positioner for Your Robotic Welding System

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on July 21, 2021

Speed up cycle times, reduce downtime loading and improve overall profitability with a parts positioner for your robotic welding system. Is a parts positioner only right for manufacturers producing high-volume parts? The answer is “No.”

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Buyer’s Guide: ROTA-ARC Series, Robotic Welding Systems

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on May 19, 2021

Dave Walters, a Senior Mechanical Systems Engineer at OTC DAIHEN, has put together this ROTA-ARC Buyer’s Guide to assist distributors and customers in finding the best option when their production robotic welding application requires part repositioning via headstock/tailstock positioners.

This chart compares the ROTA-ARC series (250, 500 and 1000) and shows how they perform in relation to the DT-ARC and TRI-ARC systems.

At the core of all these systems is the headstock/tailstock (HS/TS) combination that supports repositioning (rolling over) parts during welding.

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