Buyer’s Guide: ROTA-ARC Series, Robotic Welding Systems

Posted by OTC Daihen on May 19, 2021

Dave Walters, a Senior Mechanical Systems Engineer at OTC DAIHEN, has put together this ROTA-ARC Buyer’s Guide to assist distributors and customers in finding the best option when their production robotic welding application requires part repositioning via headstock/tailstock positioners.

This guide compares the ROTA-ARC series (250, 500 and 1000) and shows how they perform in relation to the DT-ARC and TRI-ARC systems.

At the core of all these systems is the headstock/tailstock (HS/TS) combination that supports repositioning (rolling over) parts during welding.

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What to Consider When Expanding a Welding Fleet

Posted by OTC Daihen on April 20, 2021

When it comes to expanding or upgrading a welding fleet, the main reasons are typically a new contract that requires increased production capabilities or safety concerns with the current setup.

It’s not uncommon to see companies delay upgrading the welding fleet until forced to do so. However, by waiting, most are only delaying an opportunity to improve production efficiency and gain cost savings.

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Large Area Fabrication Welding: Myths Busted & Innovations Uncovered

Posted by OTC Daihen on March 15, 2021

How far from the source can you weld aluminum with your current fabrication welding system? The typical answer is “about 10 feet” or “not far enough.”

In this article and accompanying on-demand webinar, we are going to bust large area fabrication welding myths and show you: 

    • How to push aluminum 13 feet,
    • How to push-pull aluminum almost 40 feet,
    • And how to push-pull aluminum 100 feet and beyond!
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Yoda Was Wrong! Try Simulation & Offline Programming First, Before you Weld

Posted by OTC Daihen on February 17, 2021

"Do. Or do not. There is no try." Yoda was wrong! When you work with OTC DAIHEN, you can try before you invest in one of our pre-engineered robotic welding cells. We offer a couple options that many of our clients find helpful when they want to examine our robotic welding options in order to ensure which is best for them or to drastically reduce changeover time on their welding production lines. Here's a quick look at how simulation and offline programming help you make a quick and successful transition to welding automation.

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[Comparison] How to Select the Best Welbee Arc Welder for Your Shop Jobs

Posted by OTC Daihen on January 28, 2021

Ready to upgrade or replace your Welbee arc welder? Looking to expand machine capabilities for higher quality welds? New to the Welbee series? Or maybe you're a distributor looking to educate your customers on the many benefits of a Welbee arc welder?

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OTC DAIHEN Welding Torch Model Comparison

Posted by OTC Daihen on December 17, 2020

Customers often ask us about the differences among our three manual welding torch models. We’ve created a handy guide and comparison chart to help you understand the differences and see which one is best for your needs. 

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Work Faster and Smarter: The All-New OTC DAIHEN FD21

Posted by OTC Daihen on December 1, 2020


Make your welding process faster and more efficient. We’re excited to give a sneak peek at our newest robot controller - the FD21. Coming in 2021, this new teach pendant is easier to program than ever for new users and brings a host of features built with the user in mind.

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Welding Exotic Metals With the OTC DAIHEN Welbee Series

Posted by OTC Daihen on November 5, 2020

OTC DAIHEN products are a great fit for welding exotic and copper-based alloys as well as standard materials. Learn more about what you can weld with an OTC DAIHEN Welbee power source and how we can help support you for success.

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When Should My Company Invest in Robotic Welding?

Posted by OTC Daihen on October 7, 2020

When you're running a production facility, it can be hard to know when it’s the right time to add robotic welding to your assembly line. 

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Why You Need to Upgrade Your Manual Welding Equipment

Posted by OTC Daihen on September 1, 2020

Walk into any sizable hardware store and you’ll see a range of welders, some a few hundred dollars or less. 

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