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Posted by OTC DAIHEN on February 21, 2024

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For decades, helium has been a critical component in welding processes, prized for its inert properties and performance in high-temperature applications. However, its escalating costs and fluctuating supply have long posed challenges for manufacturers.

OTC DAIHEN, a leader in welding technology, now has an advanced welding system that eliminates the reliance on helium and achieves a superior weld with more cost-effective gas mixtures.

The Helium Challenge

Helium, known for its low density and inert nature, has been a staple in the welding industry for various applications. As prices continue to climb, welding operations that depend on helium face not only financial constraints but also the uncertainty of its availability.

Studies and Solutions

Recognizing the need for alternative welding gases, numerous studies have been conducted to find ways to reduce reliance on helium in welding processes.

OTC DAIHEN has taken a proactive approach, investing in research and development to create welding technology that not only eliminates the need for helium but also enhances efficiency and cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality

“Our systems are highly developed in a lab and put under extensive testing and monitoring — a level of dedication to quality and performance that competitors often overlook, leaving it up to users to perfect the welding process instead,” says OTC DAIHEN R&D Engineer Larry Barley, who is a Certified Welding Inspector and Certified Robotic Arc Welding Technician.

No Helium - No Problem … Here's How:

By developing this technology, OTC DAIHEN has effectively eliminated the need for helium and costly helium-mix gasses (combinations of helium and argon gases).

Welding many materials becomes a streamlined and efficient process, using welding grade argon while unburdened by the constraints associated with helium. This

highly developed technology applies to both the GMAW and GTAW processes.

The Game Changer: It’s High-Level Electronic Control System

At the heart of OTC DAIHEN's innovation is a sophisticated electronic control system in the Welbee II welding power source, capable of managing welding parameters with unprecedented precision.welbee II

The Welbee power source contains an LSI-ASIC computer chip that was developed by OTC DAIHEN specifically for the welding process. The chip has a processing speed of 20 nsec. (1/ 5 millionth of a sec.). It allows real-time observation and adjustments during the welding process, ensuring high-quality welds with minimal spatter, good fusion and virtually non-existent porosity. 

Because the arc is so controlled, users gain a consistent, high-quality weld across various materials without the dependency on specialty gas mixes. Such precision not only enhances the quality of the welds but also significantly reduces the need for post-weld cleanup and rework, driving efficiency and productivity.

Key Benefits of the OTC DAIHEN Helium-Free Solution

Cost Savings: With helium prices at an all-time-high and availability at an all-time low,

OTC DAIHEN’s helium-free solution translates to significant cost savings for businesses. The elimination of helium and helium-mix gasses reduces operational expenses and enhances the overall economic feasibility of welding processes.

Supply Chain Resilience: The supply chain contingent nature of helium has often led to challenges in procurement. OTC DAIHEN’s approach using argon gas ensures that businesses can rely on a stable supply chain, reducing uncertainties and disruptions in welding operations.

As we embrace this helium-free future, OTC DAIHEN stands at the forefront, championing a revolution in welding technology that promises not just to meet the current demands of the industry but to shape its future.

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