OTC DAIHEN: A Robotic Welding Pioneer on the World's Greatest TV Show

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on December 18, 2023

OTC DAIHEN’s booth at FABTECH 2023

OTC DAIHEN USA, a trailblazer in robotic arc welding technology, recently garnered the spotlight on the acclaimed "World's Greatest TV Show." The episode features the company's commitment to technology, innovation and excellence in the welding industry.

World's Greatest TV Show: A Platform for Excellence

The "World's Greatest TV Show" has been a staple in showcasing the best in various industries for over 17 years. Featuring everything from hidden gems to household names, the show offers a unique platform for companies like OTC DAIHEN to showcase their innovations and industry leadership with a broader audience. 

For OTC DAIHEN, the episode spotlights the company’s role in transforming the robotic welding industry and their commitment to technological advancement and customer satisfaction.

“OTC is known throughout the world for its welding technology,” says Darryl Swann, technical and corporate sales manager at OTC DAIHEN, one of several team members featured in the episode. “The unique way that we are able to control the arc is second to none. We have amazing control of this process, and we have created a lot of innovations that are being used in the welding field today.” 

Darryl Swann, Technical and Corporate Sales Manager

At OTC DAIHEN USA, our selection for the show fills us with pride, but it's our dedication to advancing technology and transforming the industry that truly drives our passion and commitment.

Watch the episode below.



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