OTC DAIHEN Releases New Cutting-Edge Robotic and Manual Welding Solutions

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on September 21, 2021

Three new OTC DAIHEN welding products released in 2021

As a global leader in innovative welding and robotics solutions, we understand the challenges manufacturers face today. And we have the solutions.

OTC DAIHEN this year has released some of the hottest innovations and technologies in robotic welders, power sources, teach pendants, cobot welders, manual welders and more.

Let’s get your production out the door faster! Check out our newest product releases:

OTC DAIHEN JoyPEN Joystick Pendant

JoyPEN Joystick Pendant

Innovation at Its Best

Make your robot move as you move with the all-new JoyPEN Joystick Pendant. Similar to a game controller, you hold it in your hand. Point, move — your robot moves. 

  • Lightweight and one-handed, similar to a game controller.
  • The robot moves as you move, following the direction of the JoyPEN, all the while recording the path to, from and welding.
  • Weld locations are optimized with wire touch sensing.
  • Full pendant-like functionality, without the learning curve!
  • Welding, gripping and weaving parameters set and adjusted via the built-in display.
  • Inch/retract wire and gas check are in there too!
  • Gain intuitive operation, faster robot programming and even faster welding processes.

OTC DAIHEN FD21 Series II Robots

FD21 Series II Robots

Faster, More Repeatable & Slimmer

The B6Ls2, V8Ls2 and V25s2 robots are the 8th generation of the 2+ meter reach robots by OTC DAIHEN, the world’s #1 supplier of arc-welding robots.

  • Less space needed on the shop floor!
  • Robot arms slimmed down by 15-20%.
  • Base shrunk by 30% for tighter and more efficient mounting.
  • Robot arm weight reduced by 14%.
  • Speed improved by 10-40%, improving welding throughput.
  • Repeatability improved by 57-62%.

OTC DAIHEN FD-ST v3.0 + TP Connect

FD-ST v3.0 + TP Connect

It’s Time to Speed Up Programming

Attention welding robot programmers! It’s time to speed up your off-line programming task with OTC DAIHEN’s new PC-based, off-line programming and simulation software.

  • Enhanced functionality.
  • Improved runtime simulation accuracy.
  • Ability to upgrade FD11 programs to FD21 robots.
  • Snap-to-CAD feature to simplify the weld path programming.
  • AND, drumroll, please …. The software supports input from our FD21 teach pendant and the new JoyPEN joystick pendant via our TP Connect package.

OTC DAIHEN Synchro-feed Lite

Synchro-feed Lite

Spatter, Meet Your Match

The Synchro-feed Lite is a simple, less expensive version of our exclusive, ultra-low-spatter robotic welding technology.

  • Easy maintenance.
  • Reduce weld spatter by 98%.
  • Minimize thin plate burn-through.
  • Deliver deep penetration with flat beads.
  • Ideal for the most challenging mild steel welding applications.
  • It’s advanced welding technology at a lower price!

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The Welbee II

A Better Way to Welbee

Welding’s best electronic engine (the Welbee) just got even better! The Welbee II features a new, streamlined digital control panel.

  • New SmartPulse technology eliminates undercut and reduces weld spatter via automatic adjustment of the pulse welding waveform.
  • Larger and brighter current and voltage digital display.
  • LCD screen summarizing welding conditions.
  • Wire tip conditioning locked to our advanced Synchro-feed technology now available for DC and DC Low Spatter weld modes.
  • Suitable for manual or robotic welding.


Welbee P400L

Move Over P400

Make room for the Welbee P400L, OTC DAIHEN’s most popular welder, now available with Low Spatter mode.

  • Gain the flexibility of single/three-phase power, versatile welding waveforms (DC, DC Pulse and DC
  • WavePulse) along with our exclusive Low Spatter mode.
  • All in a 400A advanced welding package.
  • Powered by welding’s best electronic engine – our Welbee processor.
  • Reduce arc-wander on the root pass of pipe welds in steel and stainless steel.
  • Ideal for thinner materials.

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CoboWeld MIG

Advanced robotic MIG welding in a cobot welder package

By Melton Machine featuring OTC DAIHEN’s Welbee advanced welding technology, it’s a cobot welder for fabricators seeking the productivity of robotic arc-welding with the flexibility and ease of use of a collaborative robot.

With skilled welders more difficult to find and retain, the CoboWeld MIG can mitigate your labor challenges. Your welders can comfortably and quickly program the CoboWeld MIG within a few minutes and store those programs to efficiently weld those parts again in the future.

The CoboWeld MIG includes:

  • Universal Robots UR10e Collaborative Robot
  • OTC DAIHEN Welbee Advanced Arc Welder
  • Melton UR/Welbee Integration Package
  • Modular, Portable Welding Cart with Lockable Caster Wheels

OTC DAIHEN and Rush Kane RKX220

RKX220 Professional-Grade AC/DC TIG Welding Package

This welding package combines the advanced welding technology of OTC DAIHEN and the professionally-curated welding accessories of Instagram’s @kanekid, Rush Kane. Available exclusively via his Pro Shop: www.KaneIndustries.co.

The welding package includes.

  • RKX220 AC/DC 220A TIG welder, EN module, integral water-cooler, foot pedal control on weld cart
  • FlexLoc 230A torch, water-cooled, 25’ SuperFlex leads
  • Gas regulator/flowmeter, 5-50 scfh calibration, 6’ hose
  • Pro Accessory Kit:
    • LaYZR tungsten 3-pack
    • Gas flow tester CFH
  • 3/32” gas lenses with wedge collets
  • FlexLoc gas stems
    • G5/6/7 3S Si3N4 SuperCups


At OTC DAIHEN, we are your one-stop, advanced welding and robotic system supplier. We produce everything you need - welder, robot, torch, wire feeder and all the know-how to put it together and apply it to your toughest welding challenges.

Request more information and see a demo of our newest innovations.

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