Why should I automate my welding process and how do I justify automation?

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on June 20, 2016

As our world becomes more digitized, connected and automated, what does that mean for the welding process in a factory? Many businesses are considering switching from manual welding processes to systems that automate welding. There are many reasons for switching, but some business owners aren't sure if they can justify the expense of robotic welding machines. Here's a quick look at the benefits of automating your welding process and how to justify the expense.

Why should I automate my welding process?

Automating your welding process isn't just about getting a new machine. It also reflects an upgrade in performance, speed and accuracy, all of which are necessary for a smooth running, high quality production line. Automated welding allows for less waste of material, less time spent in weld cleanup and continuous operation for a longer time period than may otherwise be seen in production. It also allows your final product to have a higher level of quality, whether it's because of the precision with which an automated welding machine works, the reduction of operator error in the equation and producing work that is exactly the same from one piece to the next. It works well in factory settings, but is becoming more popular with smaller shops as well, as the ability to automate smaller batches of work becomes easier.

How do I justify automation?

There are many ways that automating your welding work can save you money, allowing you to more quickly pay back the expense of the machinery. When you hire a new worker, you need to train them in how to do the welds you need for that job. With an automated welder, you simply provide the same program and design specifications that all your other machines require. A welder needs breaks for safety and to continue providing uniform work. A machine doesn't have that need. A human welder may not be as precise or exacting with their welding job, whereas a welding machine will only operate within parameters and will provide very uniform results time and again. For these reasons and many more, it's easy to justify the cost of automating your welding process through the savings your business will quickly see.

Automating your business' welding process provides great opportunity for cost savings, improved quality and uniform production. The cost can be justified through a variety of benefits and typically has a relatively fast payback period. If you need more information about automated robotic welding, please feel free to contact us today. We offer an easy to understand cycle time and cost analysis to help you determine if you’re ready for robotic welding automation. At OTC Daihen, we've spent most of the past century providing the best welding technology the world has to offer, and are happy to help you get your operation running more effectively, efficiently and profitably.

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