Benefits of a wireless teach pendant on your welding line

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on August 15, 2016

OTC_blog_790x350-10.pngProduction lines use integrated teach pendants to operate welding robots. Unfortunately, these teach pendants have been hard wired into one location, requiring significant travel for the operator or technician to perfect the operation for the right results. But at OTC Daihen, we've spent the better part of a century providing cutting-edge breakthroughs in welding technology. One of those innovations is the wireless robot teach pendant, which allows more movement by your operators and technicians and improves your robot teaching time. Here's more about how wireless teach pendants can improve your bottom line.

Benefits of a wireless teach pendant on your welding line

What is a wireless teach pendant?

A wireless robot teach pendant does the same basic job that a hard wired teach pendant does. It allows for remote control of a welding robot for operation. It can also be used to create new operations for the welding robot by inputting new parameters and requirements, hence the term teach. But while a technician or operator has been tied to a single location in the past, where a hard wired teach pendant was installed, a wireless teach pendant provides free movement in and around the welding operations area.

What benefits will it bring to my production line?

Because of the wireless nature of the new teach pendants, your operators or technicians avoid tangling or damaging a pendant cable normally connecting the robot controller with the teach pendant and in turn increases programming time. This allows your operator or technician to get your production line back in full operation and reduces your downtime and improves profitability. Improved teach pendants also allow for on the fly programming to add capability to your assembly line without significant downtime. This is a great feature to have as digitalization is driving dynamic change in many industries, requiring flexibility to keep up with market changes.

To get the most out of your production line welding operations, your operators and technicians need to be able to make fast changes and repairs to a welding robot. Wireless teach pendants are a great tool to make that goal a reality. If you still have questions about wireless teach pendants or need help deciding whether they are a good option for your production line, please feel free to contact our professionals today for more details. At OTC Daihen, we've been at the cutting edge of new industrial welding innovation for most of the past century and are committed to continuing that level of innovation into the next century and beyond.

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