What to Consider When Expanding a Welding Fleet

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on April 20, 2021

OTC DAIHEN Welbee MIG welders with text what to consider when expanding a welding fleet

When it comes to expanding or upgrading a welding fleet, the main reasons are typically a new contract that requires increased production capabilities or safety concerns with the current setup.

It’s not uncommon to see companies delay upgrading the welding fleet until forced to do so. However, by waiting, most are only delaying an opportunity to improve production efficiency and gain cost savings.

A Welding Fleet Upgrade that Proved 5X Faster

Our team recently worked with a manufacturer who always believed TIG manual welding was the only way to guarantee the stainless steel product they produced would maintain its high-quality, stainless steel color and smooth finish. This involved a lot of highly skilled manual labor and time spent grinding off corners.

After an evaluation by our welding experts of the systems in place, we proved that our MIG Welbee P500L welding power source would improve production rates while cutting costs. In fact, the new welding systems we put in place were able to produce the high-quality welds the manufacturer required five times faster than the previous welders. Also, through the reduction of welding spatter, half of the labor hours required for weld grinding and cleanup were eliminated, resulting in huge cost savings.

When it comes to upgrading your welding fleet, evaluate it just like your other production lines and equipment. Let’s compare it to a car: your 30-year-old car may still run, but it won’t be as reliable or efficient as today’s generation of motor vehicles.

Contact OTC DAIHEN for an Expert Welding Fleet Evaluation

“When it comes to industrial welding, always reach out to an expert like OTC DAIHEN,” Danny Baumli, OTC DAIHEN Regional Sales Manager, says. “The technology built into industrial welders today is far more advanced than the older models or the cheaper welders often used by hobbyists and DIYers.”

With OTC DAIHEN, you can expect our representatives to take a holistic look at your processes, equipment, environment, and production goals. This may include:

• An evaluation of your current welding equipment and processes, looking for ways to increase efficiency, produce products faster, cut labor costs, and reduce wasted time/costs.
• An evaluation of your environment, looking for safety issues that can be improved, such as reducing trip hazards or unsafe sparks.
• A recommended plan for moving forward with an expansion or upgrade in the most efficient and effective way possible. This includes considering the parts being produced and any shift from manual to robotic welding. We’ll map out which parts to transition first to set your team up for success. For example, we’ve seen companies struggle with robotic welding only because they started with complex parts that caused programming issues. We’ll provide a roadmap on where to start to keep your lines running smoothly.

“We couldn’t be happier with our OTC equipment and foldable boom arms. We replaced our old outdated push-pull aluminum welding equipment with the superior system that OTC offers, and we noticed a higher output in production and great efficiency from our welders.

OTC’s 4-roll drive roll system is an excellent replacement to the heavy and bulky push-pull guns. Our OTC equipment offers features that other major welding equipment brands couldn’t offer, which lead to better welds and greater performance. Thank you again Danny and the OTC team for revamping our welding shop with the best technology in the industry!”
-DECO Boat Lifts

Don’t Put Off Improving Production

There are likely new welding systems and technologies you are unaware of that can improve your production and safety immediately. Therefore, don’t put upgrades or expansions to your welding fleet on the back burner -- it’s likely costing you production time and dollars.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help evaluate your welding fleet.

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