7 Key Interview Questions To Ask Welder Candidates

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on December 5, 2016


Screening job candidates for your open welder positions can be challenging. However, asking the right questions can help narrow your search for the best applicants to fulfill your manual welding requirements. Consider including these seven key interview questions during your hiring process.

Asking Important Welder Interview Questions

  1. How did you handle a difficult situation on the job? Did they reach out to use teamwork to overcome the problem? Did they put in extra time to make it happen? Or, are they blaming someone else? Behavior patterns tend to come with new employees, so keep their answers in mind when choosing the right one.
  2. What do you enjoy most about being a welder? Many people expect questions about difficult times but don't have a pre-fabricated spin on the good times. Did they get excited about a raise? Did they enjoy moving up through the ranks? This question helps you figure out the candidate's priorities and how they'll behave to excel at your company.
  3. What previous experiences do you have with different welding processes? This question will help identify their current knowledge and hands-on experience with welding. You can also add questions about the applicant’s willingness to learn new processes relevant to your company’s specialty. You’ll be able to better understand their ability to be flexible and follow different standards. 
  4. What motivated you to apply for a manual welding position at our company? Asking this question will help you gauge how interested they are in working for you. Do they have a good understanding of what your company does? Have they reviewed your website? Did they come prepared with questions to learn more about the job requirements?
  5. How do you manage your time during a work day? Time management is an important part of most welding positions. Staying on task and remaining motivated to keep up with a schedule is essential. This question will help assess a candidate’s time management and prioritization skills. 
  6. What sets you apart from other welder job candidates? This question will help you identify the candidate’s strengths and possible weaknesses. You can ask follow-up questions about areas where the candidate feels they have room to grow. Do they have a strong work ethic? Are they dependable and willing to follow strict safety protocols? 
  7. How would your co-workers best describe you in the job setting? Supervisors tend to see the best or worst behavior. How a prospect treats their coworkers shows how well they'll work in a team environment. Do the candidate’s answers align with how they view themselves? 

Moving Forward With the Right Welder Candidates

Asking the right questions during a job interview can mean the difference between getting a hard-working employee and an unmotivated one. Keeping these questions in mind when interviewing welder job candidates can help ensure you get a better picture of the whole person, not just the persona they're presenting to you. By discovering who they are in the hiring process, you can more confidently choose an employee that fits your company best.

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