What is Welbee? An Introduction to Automated Weld Quality Control

Posted by OTC Daihen on November 2, 2016

When welding operations are a vital part of your assembly line, being able to monitor and control the weld quality is important to your final product. But how do you keep track of what's happening across the line and ensure that welding operations remain within parameters during the process instead of catching mistakes after the fact? Whether your line is involved in manual or robotic welding, our Welbee power source can help. Here's a little more about our solution to your welding quality woes.

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When should I automate welding processes in my production line?

Posted by OTC Daihen on June 27, 2016

In production, we're seeing more automation as time goes by. What started as machinery seen only in the most high-end factories is becoming the standard. If you're planning on using automated welding machinery, you're in good company. But when is the best time to add welding robots to your automated production line? Should you close things down temporarily and try to get them in quickly or wait until a better time? How do you determine when that better time falls? Though these are tough questions that will depend on your company, we've got some easy answers to help you along the way.

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Why should I automate my welding process and how do I justify automation?

Posted by OTC Daihen on June 20, 2016

As our world becomes more digitized, connected and automated, what does that mean for the welding process in a factory? Many businesses are considering switching from manual welding processes to systems that automate welding. There are many reasons for switching, but some business owners aren't sure if they can justify the expense of robotic welding machines. Here's a quick look at the benefits of automating your welding process and how to justify the expense.

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