Why Welding Parameters are so Important to Finished Quality

Posted by OTC Daihen on April 4, 2016


When you're operating a production line, finished quality is vital to the success of your business. Engineers will spend a significant amount of time developing the specifications for your product, including developing the exact welding parameters for each part of the process. But how important are these parameters to the quality of your finished product? Using improper parameters can lead to excess spatter, creating a need for additional cleanup of welds. A cold weld will sit high above the surface of the metal work and result in lack of fusion in the weld root, creating a weak joint and requiring time-consuming cleanup. Here are some examples of how amperage, voltage and wire feed speed can affect the finished weld if the welding parameters are not properly set.

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Topics: Voltage, Wire Feeds, Spatter, Amperage, Welding Parameters

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