7 Key Interview Questions To Ask Job Candidates

Posted by OTC DAIHEN on July 25, 2016
  1. Find out how they dealt with a difficult situation on the job. Did they reach out to use teamwork to overcome the problem? Did they put in extra time to make it happen? Or are they blaming someone else? Behavior patterns tend to come along with new employees, so keep their answer in mind when choosing the right one.
  2. Ask them about their best times at work. Many people expect questions about difficult times, but they don't have a pre-fabricated spin on the good times. Did they get excited about a raise? Did they enjoy moving up through the ranks? This question helps you figure out the candidate's priorities and how they'll behave to excel at your company.
  1. Ask for several things they disliked about their last employer. If you hear a lot of complaints, you'll probably hear them in the future if you hire that individual. Though everyone has one or two pre-planned responses to this question, asking for multiple aspects forces them out of their comfort zone, giving you a more honest answer.
  2. Find out why they're leaving their current job or left their last job. Was it a personality conflict? Is there no room for advancement? Are there financial problems preventing raises from happening? This is another behavior and priority question, helping you determine if they'll work well in your company.
  3. Learn where they want to go in the future. Are they comfortable growing in the same position, or do they expect promotion within a couple years? Employees who want fast-track success are a great asset in some companies, while others want to keep the same person in a single position for several years to come.
  4. Discover what they think they can bring to the job. Does it match what you need? By asking this question, you can learn what they think is important to the job and if it matches your priorities. If the priorities don't match up, do some additional exploration to learn how flexible they are in those expectations.
  5. Ask how their current or former coworkers would view the candidate. Supervisors tend to see the best or worst behavior. How a prospect treats their coworkers shows how well they'll work in a team environment.

Asking the right questions during a job interview can mean the difference between getting an awesome employee and a problem one. By keeping these questions in mind when interviewing job candidates, you can ensure that you're getting a better picture of the whole person, not just the persona they're presenting to you. By discovering who they really are in the process, you can more confidently choose an employee that will best fit your company.

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